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Coinbase Pro 2023 Review

In this Coinbase Pro 2023 review, we take a look at the features and services offered by the sophisticated trading platform, formerly known as GDAX. Launched as a component of the Coinbase exchange, it provides a lot of the same features as Coinbase itself, such as the simplicity of its interface, the robustness of its security, and the excellent liquidity it provides. It is geared toward retail traders with more expertise as well as professional traders, and it enables a wide variety of complex and high-volume deals.

Coinbase Pro does not charge any fees on deposits or withdrawals of cryptocurrencies, even though its transaction fees are not among the most competitively priced available. Because of all of this, Coinbase Prime is an excellent exchange for regular traders as well as institutional traders. Stick with us to learn everything you need to know about this popular trading platform.


Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2012 in San Francisco by Brian Armstrong, a former engineer at Airbnb. The company, which is known as Coinbase Global, offers a range of platforms for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. Additional to its initial Coinbase platform, the company launched the GDAE (Global Digital Asset Exchange) in 2017, which was designed specifically for active traders. In the end, GDAX was renamed Coinbase Pro to reflect better its target user base of professional and retail traders.

Coinbase Pro 2022 Review

Today, Coinbase can be used in more than one hundred countries and has more than 73 million users with confirmed accounts. It is consistently ranked as one of the best crypto exchanges in the world based on traffic, volatility, and trading volumes. The company created history when it became the first firm in the United States to be listed on a cryptocurrency exchange in April 2021. As of January 2023, the estimated market capitalization of the corporation was roughly $86 billion.

Coinbase Pro 2023 Review


Coinbase Pro is a popular platform for individuals who want to purchase or sell bitcoin or engage in cryptocurrency trading. It is a specialized version of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, intended for use by professional and retail traders with more advanced experience in the field.

The following are some of the key features of the platform:

●       Access to twenty-nine different cryptocurrencies.

 On Coinbase Pro, crypto traders have the ability to purchase and sell bitcoin. They may also trade other cryptocurrencies, such as BTC cash, litecoin, and eth, in addition to any new coins featured on Coinbase Pro, in a method that is both streamlined and safe.

●       Smooth transition

The transition from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro is completely smooth. If you already own an account with Coinbase, you may log in to Coinbase Pro with the exact details you use for your Coinbase account. This will allow you to move currency between your Coinbase wallet and your Coinbase Pro wallet instantaneously and for no additional cost.

●       Coinbase Prime

They advised institutional investors in cryptocurrencies to sign up for a Coinbase Prime account, which is very similar to the Coinbase Pro account but customized to the needs of business professionals.

●       Secure exchange

Coinbase is recognized throughout the industry for its stringent security protocols. It has the most outstanding possible security requirements and has not been penetrated by hackers in the past. Additionally, the exchange offers a service called Coinbase Custody, which caters to institutional customers that are looking for the greatest degree of cold storage safety for their cryptocurrency holdings.

●       Excellent liquidity

Because Coinbase Pro ranks among the most significant crypto trading volumes measured in USD, using it as a platform to sell cryptocurrencies is a highly recommended course of action.

●       Coinbase Earn

Coinbase gives you the opportunity to earn crypto if you are willing to learn about it. Simply finishing Coinbase’s training can earn you more than USD 150 amount of cryptocurrency at this moment in pixel time.

Coinbase Pros and Cons


Due to the intuitive design of its user interface and the comprehensive set of trading tools that it provides, Coinbase Pro is an appealing platform for cryptocurrency traders. The platform’s interface was developed to be user-friendly and straightforward, making it especially suitable for users with prior experience with other trading platforms.

Coinbase Pro is also well-known for its robust security features, including biometric fingerprint identification and two-factor authentication, which secure user accounts and assets.

In addition, Coinbase Pro provides users with a variety of sophisticated trading capabilities that might be of use to traders engaged in frequent transactions. These features include the ability to examine your trading history, order book, and price charts, as well as real-time charting tools like exponential moving averages. Other features include the ability to track prices in real-time.

 One of the most significant advantages of utilizing Coinbase Pro is that it charges comparatively minimal maker and taker fees for more significant volume trades. This feature may assist busy traders in keeping their trading expenses to a minimum.


Because of the large number of people that use Coinbase Pro, getting in touch with customer support can be challenging.

Coinbase Pro is not a platform created for first-time traders but caters to more seasoned investors. Because it has sophisticated features and complex trading possibilities, it could be tough to manage for someone just starting out.

Coinbase Pro has greater fees than other platforms, even though it has lower overall costs than Coinbase. Other platforms’ prices are lower.

Overlays and indicators charts,  In comparison to Coinbase, it provides more complex graph tools; nonetheless, users still only have two alternatives from which to choose.


Coinbase Pro is a safe platform that includes a variety of industry-accepted security features, such as biometric fingerprint login, two-step authentication, and lastly AES-256 encryption for e-wallets.  It also uses cold storage to keep 98% of customer assets offline and protected. The rest 2% of funds are held online and secured by the Coinbase insurance policy, which provides coverage in the event of a cybersecurity breach.

While Coinbase Pro takes steps to ensure the security of its platform and user accounts, users need to create strong and secure passwords to protect their accounts.

Supported Countries

Coinbase Pro is a widely available platform that is currently accessible in more than 70 countries around the world. However, it is important to note that the specific features and trading pairs available to users may vary depending on their location and local regulatory requirements.

For example, users in Australia, Singapore, or Canada may have access to different features or trading pairs than users in Europe or the United States. It is vital for users to be aware of these variations and to ensure that they are only trading pairs that local regulators permit in their jurisdiction.


In this Coinbase Pro 2023 Review, we have examined the features and services offered by this advanced trading platform, which was formerly known as GDAX. We have noted that Coinbase Pro is designed for professional and retail traders with more advanced experience in the field of cryptocurrency, and it offers a range of features that make it easy to buy, sell, and trade a variety of cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure manner.

We have highlighted the excellent liquidity of Coinbase Pro, which makes it a great option for selling cryptocurrencies, as well as its robust security features and lack of fees for deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrency.

However, we have also pointed out that its trading fees are not the most competitive in the industry, and it does not have an option for instantly buying or selling cryptocurrency using a credit or debit card.

Overall, Coinbase Pro is a good choice for regular traders and institutional investors. However, there may be more cost-effective options for low-volume traders.