Alethea AI

What is Alethea AI (ALI)? How Does Alethea AI Work?

The use of Artificial Intelligence has drastically increased over the years. It has significantly revolutionized the way how humans interact with machines and consume content. On the contrary, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) also have the potential to revolutionize Web 3.0.

These technologies can do wonders when they’re combined together. Many developers have introduced a set of blockchain projects that offer the benefits of both these technologies. However, most of these projects only enable users to create NFTs with the help of AI and then sell them on NFT marketplaces.

Alethea AI is targeting a different kind of industry that is still in its early stages. It has taken the merger of these two technologies one step further.

What is Alethea AI?

Alethea AI is a decentralized network that has introduced a new standard for NFTs recognized as intelligent NFTs (iNFT). In this model, the users can interact with their NFT avatars to train them for several tasks. Alethea has introduced its own metaverse known as Noah’s Ark.

The developers can gradually train their NFTs in this metaverse. And they will eventually get to earn ALI tokens for their contribution.

Understanding Intelligent NFT (iNFT)

Intelligent NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are mated to AI engines. These AI engines can have direct interactions with humans. And they can gradually improve their performance based on those interactions. So, it’s an innovative way to bring avatars to life.

The developers can use Pudgy Penguins, Bored Ape Yacht Club, FLUF world, and a few other projects to create their avatars. The standard function of the iNFTs is to answer several questions and recite prose. But the developers can train them to perform innovative tasks including having constructive debates and creating poetry.

An iNFT consists of three important parts:

Body – The body is the image or avatar the developers build using different projects. These are the ERC-721 tokens that can be transferred to Noah’s Ark with a few simple steps.

Soul – The soul represents different traits of the iNFT. The intelligence level of the iNFT can be analyzed based on these traits.

Mind – The mind develops new skills after interacting with humans and other iNFTs. The mind accelerates the avatar’s ability to perform higher tasks.

The iNFT’s ability to adapt to new standards is determined based on its level. The developers need to lock their ALI tokens to level up their iNFTs. The developers consistently add data to Alethea’s shared intelligence engine while they’re training their iNFTs. The platform rewards them for providing valuable data.

Thus, the developers can earn more rewards by leveling up their iNFTs. Alethea AI is dedicated to establishing a metaverse where iNFTs train and interact with other iNFTs while generating income for their owners. The ultimate goal is to figure out how an intelligent metaverse can shape intelligence.

The Tech Behind iNFTs

Alethea AI uses the GPT-3 language learning model of OpenAI. The AI can easily understand the user-generated information with this model. It enables AIs to answer several questions based on the data they’ve collected over time.

Personality Pods

Personality Pods are the ERC-721 assets that represent several personality traits of an iNFT including voice, intelligence level, psyche, and more. The developers can train their iNFTs with the traits of a particular personality pod. The iNFT improves its intelligence level while following the nature of its personality pod.

Furthermore, the personality of the iNFT develops based on its interactions with the users and other iNFTs. The personality pod can transfer intelligence to any NFT it’s connected to. The developers need to lock the personality pod with the smart contract of the iNFT they’re willing to train.

iNFT protocol keeps a record of the data transferred between NFTs and personality pods. The process of locking the personality pod with iNFT protocols is called fusion. Currently, the developers can connect the personality pod to the NFT only once. The process can’t be reversed.

However, the developers can send a voting request to network participants if they want to reverse the process. Alethea AI has listed around 10,000 personality pods on OpenSea. The developers can fuse these personality pods with their NFTs after purchasing them from the marketplace.

Intelligence Levels

As it’s discussed earlier, the iNFTs can access different AI services based on their levels. For instance, the iNFTs that have an intelligence level of 2 can send short video messages to other iNFTs. Whereas the iNFTs with a greater intelligence level can even have real-time interaction with other iNFTs.

The developers can improve the intelligence level of their iNFT if they’re earning more ALI tokens through real-time interactions. The iNFTs can gradually qualify for intelligence mining. Noah’s Ark enables iNFTs to earn more rewards by participating in games.

Alethea AI Tokenomics

ALI is the native token of Alethea AI that powers Noah’s Ark. The developers need to lock their ALI tokens to convert their NFTs in the iNFTs. The developers need to lock additional AI tokens if they’re willing to level up their iNFTs. With a circulating supply of 3.58 billion tokens, ALI has a market cap of $164 million.

It has a total supply of 10 billion tokens that will be released through the rewarding process over time. ALI ranks among the 200 best cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap.


Alethea is an Ethereum-based blockchain network that offers a combination of NFT and AI technologies in an innovative way. It enables users to create and train their NFTs through real-time interactions. The platform rewards the developers for the data they produce while interacting with their iNFTs.

If you need more information about how Alethea AI works, feel free to get in touch with us.