CoinPoker Review

CoinPoker Review (2023): Security and Privacy in Online Poker

CoinPoker is a website that involves online poker. It makes use of cryptocurrency to deposit the user’s account. This provides privacy as well as security for the user account. The benefit of this website is that it has no promotions or prizes, unlike other websites that have pop-ups and disturbs the user while playing games. CoinPoker can be considered a good option that lets people play poker without any sort of hustle and bustle. Here is a comprehensive CoinPoker review in 2023.


CoinPoker, as discussed above is an online cryptocurrency site for poker lovers. This website uses its currency which is called CHP. It came into being in 2017, firstly it was just a play money site but then in 2018 it was changed into a site that uses real money. Blockchain technology is used in this website that ensures the safety, security, sanctuary, and transparency of the game so that any unfair play by any user can be detected by other users and can be tackled easily.

Cryptocurrency poker is still much underrated and CoinPoker is the cherry on top if any user wants to use his cryptocurrency in the poker game. The player doesn’t need to be a professional poker player, even casual players can play and win the game.

The website itself is very simple and clean and it can be used easily by users and players from all over the world who can access this website without any fear of banks as only cryptocurrencies are used on this website. CoinPoker has no KYC checks which means that the privacy of the user is ensured. Ethereum, and bitcoin, can be used alongside CHF currency on this website and this guarantees the security, speediness, and reliability of the user account.

CoinPoker Review

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of CoinPoker

Here are some advantages of this website:

  1. CoinPoker is a fair website, it generates a random number based on blockchain shuffle and it is then used by players this number is generated from the feedback of players so there is no chance of cheating.
  2. CoinPoker has added a sports book to its website so that users can enjoy 15 additional games on the site.
  3. There is a referral system on this website in which there is a rule that when the player meets all the requirements of the game then they will get a 30% contribution of their referral community and as long as the users use and play on this platform the more the chances of the player to earn.
  4. This website has a weekly prize program in which the players can participate and compete with each other, the winner gets 3000 USDT.
  5. The part of the money that is earned by the community is received by the user every Monday.
  6. There are no withdrawal or depositing fees except for the fees that are accused by the blockchain.

Following the advantages of the CoinPoker, this website does have some disadvantages as well which are as follows:

  1. This website has low traffic of people as it is a small community but the player has a chance of playing with professional players and they can even get an opportunity to win against them.
  2. One minor disadvantage of this website is that when the player wants to withdraw his money from his bitcoin address then he should have an old version that is 1 because this website doesn’t support the newer versions.

How to Start Playing at CoinPoker?

If you are a poker player and love to play on different sites then do try CoinPoker as using it is extremely easy. First, you need to download the link to this website and then install the application once you are done then you need to create an account and set a username.

If you have made an account in the past and now you are reinstalling it then you don’t need to create your account again, just simply log in and start your gaming journey again from the point where you last left it.

After this, the user will get the verification via email the user then has two options to verify their account, they can request the verification through a phone number and then receive the code by sms. The other option is that the user can download a KYC app called Civic through which the users can scan the barcode and finally set up their account.

In KYC usually, the providers ask for information regarding the user’s salary and how they spent it. But it’s just for the sake of asking questions to see if the user is not a robot and has an access to the phone. In this way, the verification of the account is completed now the user can join the table after filling up other account details.

If the user runs into a problem then they can contact the support team or send an email to their relevant email address or users can even join the website’s telegram to get in touch with other players.

Community Contributors

Community contributors are essential fragments of CoinPoker. The website itself has no commission and these community contributors are the ones that empower it. The revenue which is generated by the tables is given to the users as they are an important part of and they are the ones who promote this website.

The rates of community contributors are between 2 to 7%. The team ensures that they will look into the feedback of the community. The commission is accepted in all currencies but CHP is mostly preferred and users get a special benefit from it.


The CoinPoker website doesn’t offer any bonus or signup rewards but it does have weekly prize pools and referral programs through which the users can earn a good amount and fill up their wallets.

Weekly Prizes

The website enables users to participate in weekly prize pools which are about 3000 USDT and it extends over three leaderboards. 150 players are a part of this pool and they get their part of the share every week. USDT 860 is divided by the MTT leaderboard and the other two leaderboards that are PLO and NLHE get 2300 every week. The points, the users’ buy-ins, and points decide where they should be placed in which leaderboard.


The referral program is the most successful program on this website. The user has to log in to the website, and go to the cash menu there they will find their referral link, and they can share it with all their friends and family members. Once their friend and family members join the community and start earning in the community contribution they will get 30% from this community but there is a slight limitation as well, the friends should have at least 2 USDT then only the user will gain the benefit.


The CoinPoker website needs the users to deposit money first before playing. They can deposit from their direct account in the form of BTC, CHP, and ETH. There are no depositing fees but the user is warned not to use the direct exchange as there is a chance that they will lose their money.

The deposits are spontaneous, once the user deposits the money, they can start playing the game. In case the user has deposited the money in the form of bitcoin, then it can take up to a few hours for the money to occur in their wallets then only they can start with the game.

There is a wallet number that is unique for all the users, they are assigned this number permanently so when they want to top up their wallets they will have to use this wallet number only. In case any user wants to change his wallet number due to any particular reason then they need to contact CoinPoker’s security team, they will guide the user accordingly that how they can change their wallet number.


Now when the user has enough amount in their wallets and they wish to withdraw it then they can use the MEW wallet that is recommended by the website. This MEW wallet is easy and simple to use when the user wants to withdraw funds in ETH, CHP, and USDT as this wallet charges less than 1%. Then the funds are withdrawn to the same user account which was used for placing the amount in the wallet.

This was the case if the user wants to withdraw in ETH, CHP, and USDT, but if the user wishes to withdraw in BTC then its way is different. The user needs to have at least CHP 1000 for the withdrawal and here the user also needs to pay the transaction fees.

This transaction fee is used for the conversion of CHP to BTC. Here the user needs to have an old format of account that begins with 1 as all the other new formats are not braced by the website and the withdrawal then takes time as the bitcoin requirements take long. This issue is because of the bitcoin requirements and there is no fault of the website in this case.