Dao Maker

A Beginner’s Guide to DAO Maker (DAO)

Crypto investors often spend a lot of time doing research because they want to invest in crypto projects in the early stages. Thus, they gain profit from the price boost that comes after the project’s wide adoption. The users usually follow Twitter updates to stay updated about the latest crypto projects.

Some of these projects offer massive returns while others prove to be rug pulls. Dao Maker is one of the leading projects that can solve this problem. The platform completes the research before listing a project. Thus, investors can save a lot of time and invest in some valuable projects that can truly offer impressive returns.

What is Dao Maker?

Dao Maker is an incubator for early-stage crypto startups where they can build a stronger community. At the same time, it provides early investment options for DAO token holders through DAO Launchpad.

DAO Maker identifies the fact that most retail investors don’t have enough resources due to which venture capital firms take advantage of the crypto projects in the early stages. Dao Maker is trying to enhance the standard of living for retail investors while generating an adequate amount of funding for innovative projects.

What is Dao Maker

Dao Maker website offers a huge list of projects that are initiated through DAO. Orion Protocol (ORN), My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), Infinity Pad (IPAD), and Seascape Network (CWS) are some of the leading projects initiated through this platform. The platform offers a few other services like counseling, operations, incubation, and social mining for new projects.

DAO token holders can add value to the project through social mining. In return, they get to earn DAO tokens as a reward. Thus, more users help with keeping the platform secure. And it ultimately increases the number of DAO token holders.

Dao Maker Important Features

Dao Launchpad

Dao Launchpad provides essential information about NFTs and other projects before they’re officially released. The project owners can organize special sales events to raise funding for the project before the public launch. They can also expand their ideas with the help of the DAO Maker user base.

Dao Maker incorporates two important models to accommodate both types of users.

i) Public SHO

Public SHO is designed for users who have more than $500 worth of digital assets in their wallets. Dao Maker offers a Social Score Bonus to these users once they’ve connected their Twitter account to their Dao Maker account. The users can hold their tokens on chains like Polygon, Ethereum, and Avalanche.

The platform has also introduced a referral link program for those who want to increase their chances of winning. The network sends an email to the winners so they may collect their allocation by contributing their BUSD.

ii) Private SHO

Private SHO offers fixed rewards to the contributors. However, this model is only available for those who commit to stake a minimum of 250 DAO tokens. This model determines the allocation for users depending on the number of tokens they’ve staked. Moreover, the platform offers the DAO Power bonus to encourage more users to stake their tokens.

The platform has designed a tier system to reward investors.

TierDAO Tokens StakedBonus Percentage

DAO Staking

The users can earn staking rewards by staking their DAO tokens. These users are also given DAO power to access other features of the platform. The users can withdraw their staked tokens whenever they want. But unfortunately, they won’t receive staking rewards if they withdrew the tokens before the completion of the staking period.

DAO Power enables users to participate in governance decisions and vote on several proposals for the platform’s growth.

Community Launchpad

Community Launchpad is a useful feature for those who want to obtain crypto tokens without risking their funds. Different projects introduce their projects on the Launchpad to get innovative ideas. The community members can vote on these projects even if they aren’t registered with the project’s official website.

The project owners airdrop the crypto tokens to the users who participate in the voting process.


Unlike other platforms, DAO Maker offers a combination of a token-based incentive system and a standard voting system to keep the network secure. The voting system enables users to approve or reject several projects using their voting power. The token-based incentive system encourages more users to participate in the voting process as it offers rewards to active users.

The token-based incentive system plays a vital role in protecting the network from malicious actors.

Dao Swap

DAO Maker offers a distributed marketplace for the exchange of digital tokens. The platform displays a list of all available offers once the user selects the cryptocurrency he wants to exchange for DAO tokens. The user can swap the token after selecting their preferred offer.

DAO Maker Tokenomics

DAO is the native token of the DAO Maker that is used to exchange crypto tokens. The users can also stake their DAO tokens to earn rewards. Moreover, the DAO token provides voting rights to token holders. With a circulating supply of 143.9 million tokens, DAO has a market cap of $221 million. It ranks among the 200 best cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap.


Dao Maker is a valuable platform that provides early investment options for retail investors in the crypto market. It helps investors save time by conducting research before listing projects and offers a range of services such as incubation, counseling, and social mining for new projects.

DAO Maker is a promising platform for retail investors that is designed to boost the growth of the crypto market. If you need more information about how DAO Maker works, feel free to get in touch with us. Also, we invite you to subscribe to our weekly newsletter if you need regular updates about Bitcoin and the crypto market.