Neighbor Alice

What is My Neighbor Alice? How Does This Decentralized Game Work?

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based multiplayer-building game that is helping to spread the word about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This concept is unusual because it allows users to earn money while engaging in entertaining activities.

Decentralized games like My Neighbor Alice have considerably increased the blockchain industry’s adoption rate since these projects integrate two major tech industry trends: gaming and blockchain.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a decentralized game inspired by classic games such as Animal Crossing and FarmVille. This game provides a series of virtual parcels of land (Islands) on which users can build/collect various goods (NFTs). The participants can design their island in the style of their choice.

My Neighbor Alice multiplayer-building game

The ambitious players can even create a whole cosmos within Alice’s world. The land can be purchased from the marketplace by the players. Since all in-game assets are NFTs with a unique value, they can also sell their houses, fences, and animals on this marketplace.

Each NFT’s worth is defined by its exclusivity. Alice is the platform’s native token used to trade various objects. Users can also engage with other players who have constructed islands in the game. They can also engage in enjoyable fishing, farming, beekeeping, and bug-catching activities. They can also win incentives for participating in these activities.

Neighbor Alice history

My Neighbor Alice was released in March 2021 by Antler Interactive, a VR and mobile game production business. The early version included some basic functions, such as the ability to buy/trade plots, talk with other players, and visit other farms. Developers introduced additional ways to gain tokens in the game in July 2021.

Later, DAO’s release in September 2021 introduced more in-game characters, activities, and objectives. In December 2021, NFT Auction House was opened, letting users sell their digital assets. The development team is working on a new update allowing users to customize their avatars in various ways.

How Does My Neighbor Alice Work?

My Neighbor Alice is an open-world game in which players can freely explore Alice’s whole universe. It’s a free-to-play game, but users must pay a gas fee when purchasing or selling NFTs. In this game, players must buy virtual plots. They can then adjust the terrain or decorate the area to suit their tastes.

Users can use the “Chromia Originals” NFT protocol to create their NFTs in the world of Alice. They can also lend their NFTs to other people in exchange for a fixed return. The primary way to make money in this game is to sell NFTs on Alice’s marketplace or external marketplaces such as Treasureland.

Players can also participate in various missions and activities to improve their reputation on the platform; an essential aspect used to reward landowners in My Neighbor Alice. It also contributes to the value of the digital land they own. As a result, they can resell it for a higher price than others.

Alice Token Tokenomics

Alice is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum network. You can use the platform’s native token for specific activities. Alice has a market cap of $46 million and a circulating supply of 30,6 million tokens. It has a max supply of 100 million tokens distributed over time. 

Token utility


Staking is a viable substitute for Alice holders who don’t have the time or expertise to play the game but want to profit from the platform. Users can support the ecosystem by freezing their Alice tokens in a specific wallet. The stakeholders earn rewards for processing transactions. Users who stake more coins receive more rewards than others. The rewards, however, are distributed to all participants who have staked their tokens.


Alice token holders are entitled to express their viewpoints on the project’s expansion choices. They may also offer fresh perspectives on how the platform can develop in the future.

Purchase game items

The main purpose of Alice Token is to acquire digital land and other objects on the platform.


You can obtain Alice tokens by participating in various events such as quests and competitions.

What Makes My Neighbor Alice Different?

My Neighbor Alice is unique in that it provides genuine decentralization and allows users to navigate as many areas of the gaming environment as they wish. A distinguishing aspect of this game is the loan system, which allows users to loan NFTs from other users if they cannot afford them.

This platform ensures that users can receive money if they no longer want to hold their NFTs. When someone buys an NFT on this platform, the system holds a part of the purchase price as collateral. If the holder no longer wishes to hold the NFT, they can get the collateral amount as a refund.


My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based game that provides a one-of-a-kind experience for blockchain enthusiasts and gamers. It’s a free-to-play game in which players can earn money by completing various objectives and tournaments. We’ve explained how this decentralized game works and how participants can earn money from it. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this game.