What is Firulais Token (FIRU)?

Firulais Token is a Defi project centered on the community that was established in July 2021. Unlike other Defi ventures, Firulais attracted more investors in a shorter period by doing a fair launch rather than going through the ineffective ICO stage.

This P2P decentralized cryptocurrency is intended to be a superior alternative to current Defi efforts in the crypto market. The intriguing aspect of this cryptocurrency project is that it encourages open conversation among community members.

TechRate has fully validated the source code of this cryptocurrency. The staff is working hard to earn the trust of the community. As a result, they don’t have any FIRU coins in their wallets.

What is FIRULAIS Token?

FIRULAIS is an ERC20 token currently traded on a few cryptocurrency exchanges. FIRULAIS token has a market cap of $1.7 million and a total supply of one hundred quadrillion coins. Since the Firulais team has no FIRU tokens, 50% of the total supply is on the burn wallet, with the remaining 50% locked on Unicrypt.

Firulais Token (FIRU)

To benefit investors, the FIRULAIS token employs the Auto Rewards Farming protocol. Every time users use this smart contract; they must pay 2% of the total transaction value. This fee is distributed equally among FIRU holders. It’s one of the reasons why the FIRU token has received more attention than other Defi tokens, as it rewards its holders with steady passive income.

Firulais Token Products

To address the issues that users are now encountering, the Firulais team offered three essential products in the crypto space.


The most important product of this Defi project is FIRUDEX. A decentralized exchange allows users to exchange various cryptocurrencies for a very cheap commission. FIRUDEX is linked with the BSC and ETH networks simultaneously, allowing users to access their desired services without interruption.

FIRUDEX also provides technical analysis tools, allowing users to watch price movement within the site before purchasing or selling a coin.

FIRU Wallet

FIRU Wallet is a digital app that is available on Android and iOS. Even though FiruDex is a decentralized exchange, users must still save their cryptocurrency in a secure wallet.

This problem is solved with FIRU Wallet, which allows users to store their cryptocurrencies in a few simple steps. As a result, they will not have to worry about managing their assets. The FIRU wallet gives users access to FiruDex and other decentralized apps on the Ethereum blockchain or Binance smart chain.

FIRU NFT Marketplace

The FIRU NFT marketplace will also appeal to investors since FIRU holders can stake their FIRU tokens in the NFT marketplace to earn rewards. Since FIRU holders will receive digital collectibles as rewards, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for artists to showcase their work in the marketplace.

What is FIWT Token?

Firulais developed another crypto token called FIWT. This token’s primary function is to facilitate transactions between FiruDex and FiruWallet. Users must pay a portion of the transaction fee when transferring assets from the exchange to the wallet in the form of a FIWT token.

Existing holders didn’t have to purchase this coin individually because the system automatically distributed 2 million FIWT tokens to all active users. Users who joined the adventure later needed to buy the FIWT tokens separately. The total supply of FIWT tokens is fixed at 16 million. The FIWT token value was determined by the number of transactions performed between Firudex and FiruWallet.

How to Buy FIRU Token?

FIRU can’t be purchased through fiat currency. You cannot use fiat currency to purchase FIRU. To obtain these tokens, users must first purchase a cryptocurrency through an exchange. FIRU tokens are often purchased with USDT or BTC.

Users must transfer their funds to Uniswap, Finexbox, or eToro after obtaining cryptocurrencies from an exchange because the FIRU token is now available for trade on these exchanges. In comparison to Finexbox, Uniswap features a simpler user interface. After purchasing FIRU tokens from the exchange, users must move those tokens to a secure wallet. 

Firulais Community

Firualais now has tens of thousands of community members contributing to the project’s growth. Since the Firulais team regularly considers community votes when making critical decisions, members consistently offer their thoughts on the expanding project.


Firulais is a powerful Defi project that aims to provide a superior alternative to existing Defi projects. The company has launched three important products for the cryptocurrency sector. Since FIRU token distributes rewards among its holders via Auto Rewards Farming, it is an appealing alternative for people looking to generate a continuous passive income from the crypto market.